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Survey says… Lacrosse players edge out Hockey players as best athletes

In a totally un-scientific survey… done by handing out paper to 30 Long Islanders (regionally biased), then taking the written results and manually entering them into MS Excel…

Lacrosse players edged out Hockey players as the best athletes.

Respondents were asked to rate players in each of these sports: (1) baseball, (2) basketball, (3) football, (4) lacrosse, (5)hockey, and (6) soccer.

The categories were (a) endurance & stamina, (b) hand-eye coordination, (c) speed & quickness, (d) toughness / strength, and (e) overall athleticism.

The ratings were 10 = best and 1 = worst.

Lacrosse players edged out Hockey players 40.7  to 40.5 average points respectively (out of 50 points.)

Of note:

  • Not surprisingly football players ranked highest in toughness / strength
  • Soccer players won the endurance & stamina category
  • Basketball players finished first in the overall athleticism category

Again, this is far from scientific and not statistically significant… but it was fun to see…

<Click on the image below to see the results>

sports survey shows lacrosse player best athletes



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