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Great drawing of a lacrosse player by The Art Of Lax

Merry Chistmas and Happy Holidays to all.

I found the drawing below by “The Art Of Lax” (Crank-FB) in a lacrosse forum. (Described as a Male from Sunnyside NY. Click here for profile.)

Great drawing. I had to stare at it for a few minutes admiring it.  Kudos to “…Art..”

<In order to appreciate this art, you need to view it enlarged. Click to enlarge.>

Lacrosse lax art photo drawing by The Art Of Lax




  kseverny wrote @

that is a fantastic drawing. certainly held my attention

  MaxLax wrote @

I just found the art of lax’s site..

  SharonLew wrote @

This artist is very talented. Impressive.

  Justin wrote @

Id love to use that drawing (crank FB) in a website header.

How can I go about getting permissions?

  inviralmentblog wrote @

Reach out to The Art Of Lax site.

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