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Duke Lacrosse. Virginia Lacrosse. Great game – On and off the field

Great game. Kudos to both sides. Both teams showed the talent and heart to win. Unfortunately only one team can win.

No offense to Notre Dame, but it’s a shame this wasn’t the championship game. The game, talent, and off-the-field stories warranted a championship event.  It was a game for the ages.  The hearts of these teams was amazing. Duke Lacrosse Virginia Lacrosse

Let’s not forget the off-the-field tragedies involved.

  • The horrendous homicide/murder of the beloved UVA Womens’s lacrosse player Yeardley Love by a UVA Men’s Lacrosse Team Member (charged/alleged).
  • The Duke Lacrosse Team (3 players in 2006) being falsely accused of raping a women. The team/program having their season cancelled. Those players having to go through the accusations, reputational damage, and psychological damage… much in a large part from and overly aggressive,  Durham County’s District Attorney Mike Nifong.

You (Duke, UVA Men’s, and UVA Women’s Lax) have all gone through a lot off the field. You are appreciated and we wish you the best.

Kudos to all!

Brandon Allen, Matt Anderson, Ben Belmont, Mike Catalino
Tom Clute, Bill Conners, CJ Costabile, Stephen Coyle
Ned Crotty, Greg DeLuca, James Goldberg, Zach Howell
Michael Hutchings, David Lawson, Jonathan Livadas
Eddie Loftus, Michael Manley, Parker McKee, Will McKee
Henry Meyer, Scot Meyer, Terrence Molinari, Tom Montelli
Jimmy O’Neill, Josh Offit, Jason Orlando, Tommy Patterson
Sam Payton, Spencer Peterson, Max Quinzani, Mike Rock
Robert Rotanz, Andrew Rullan, Tom Rynn, Steve Schoeffel
Devon Sherwood, Sam Solie, Sam Spillane, Dan Theodoridis
Joe Tkac, Jake Tripucka, Justin Turri, Tucker Virtue
Dan Wigrizer, Max Wygod, Kevin Young

Shamel Bratton, Chris Clements, Rhamel Bratton, Matt White
Harry Prevas, Steele Stanwick, Connor English, Adam Ghitelman
Todd Faiella, Chris Bocklet, John Haldy, Peter Borror
Kevin Carroll, Garett Ince, Jarrid Puzes, Mikey Thompson
Rob Fortunato, Chris Landon, Howie Long, Matt Cockerton
Brian McLinden, Brian Pomper, Ryan Nizolek, Blake Riley
Brian McDermott, Ken Clausen, Wyatt Melzer, Nick O’Reilly
Bray Malphrus, Matt Kugler, Jacob Ghitelman, Colin Briggs
Brian Carroll, Ryan Benincasa, Tim Fuchs, Will Bolton,
Matt Lovejoy, Max Pomper, Rob Eimer, Chris LaPierre

Yeardley Love , Kelly Austin, Josie Owen
Claire Banta, Megan Dunleavy, Molly Millard
Liz Downs, Bailey Fogarty, Whitaker Hagerman
Kaitlin Duff, Charlie Finnigan, Caity Whiteley
Molly McClintic, Brittany Kalkstein, Ainsley Baker
Anne Thomas, Caroline McTiernan, Marghi Walters
Julie Gardner, Erin Laschinger, Lauren Benner
Marye Kellermann, Kim Kolarik, Annie Taylor


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