Lacrosse stuff

Yappin ’bout 2011 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Tournament

Final Four today!

  • I hope Adam Ghitelman plays “emotionally solid”.  He needs to be clean and not make any careless error. That does not mean he should be conservative; that’s not his game. He just needs to use his head. Take some risks but be wise.
  • Hey UVA — game plan — Go to Steele Stanwick.  Go to Steele Stanwick. Go to Steele Stanwick.
  • Denver’s Mark Mathews is a beast. No one can physically stop him 1 on 1.  They need to have the ball on his stick, have everyone slide, and then find the open man.  He’s a beast.
  • The Denver kids are in good shape. Altitude factor?
  • Maryland seems like a team of destiny. I would not bet against them.
  • I’m still wishing Hofstra was still in it.
  • Duke has 6 All-Americans? That’s hard to bet against. Justin Turri, Zach HowellTom MontelliCJ CostabileJordan WolfRobert Rotanz
  •  Now wait a minute. Maryland has 8 All-Americans?  Brian Farrell ,Brett Schmidt, , Ryan YoungJoe CummingsGrant CatalinoJohn HausCurtis HolmesMax Schmidt 
  • My pick? Primarily, I’m rooting for the Long Island kids.  Otherwise, I have no clue.

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