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New Lacrosse Movie! Crooked Arrows – The Next Mighty Ducks?

Very cool.  Lacrosse will get exposure on the big screen.

lacrosse movie crooked arrow reebok

According to an article in Ad Age, a sports film based upon the world of lacrosse is going into production.   It’s an independent movie sponsored by Reebok to promote their 9k lacrosse line of equipment and apparel.

“Crooked Arrows” will be the first movie focused solely on lacrosse.  Lacrosse has somewhat been a niche sport.  Not as popular as baseball, basketball, football, and soccer, the movie may be the opportunity to greatly continue to expand the sport’s popularity.  (Please see previous post The Rise Of Lacrosse Named one of ESPN’s stories of the decade.)

The movie also touches on the Native American culture and roots in the game.

This could be great for lacrosse. Will “Crooked Arrows” do for lacrosse what “The Mighty Ducks” did for hockey? We’ll see…

We know this is huge for the lacrosse community, and could bring in a whole new fan base,”  said Chad Whitman, head of Reebok’s lacrosse division.

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Lacrosse Player considered best athlete of all-time

After implementing my quick-and-dirty survey, that indeed found that lacrosse players are the best athletes,  I started wondering who was the greatest athlete of all time.  Was it a lacrosse player? (Quick-and-dirty results and information are in previous posted called “Survey says…“)

Jim Brown: The Greatest Athlete of All Time

Long Island’s Jim Brown is often considered the greatest football player *and* the greatest lacrosse player of all time.  Jim Brown Best Lacrosse Player


  • 9-time NFL All-Pro (out of 9 seasons played)
  • Upon his retirement he held virtually every NFL offensive record including  12,312 rushing yards, 126 touchdowns and an average of 5.2 yards per carry.
  • The only NFL player to average greater than 100 rushing yards per game.
  • Member of the College Football Hall Of Fame
  • Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • Member of the Lacrosse Hall of Fame
  • At Syracuse (lacrosse) he scored 30 goals as a junior and followed that with 43 goals and 21 assists as a senior midfielder
  • First-team All-America Lacrosse midfielder.

What about Bo Jackson?  Bo was a great athlete making all star teams in professional baseball and football but was never inducted into a professional sports Hall of Fame.

And Jim Thorpe? Prior to 1950, Jim Thorpe was undoubtedly the greatest athlete of his time. He is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame, The Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Track & Field Hall of Fame. He has also won Olympic Gold Medals.

Let’s give Jim Brown the nod as the best athlete of all-time. Hejim brown best football player physically dominated his sports. He is often acknowledged as the best athlete in 2 sports.  While Bo Jackson and Jim Thorpe were great athletes, neither is, nor was, considered the best in their respective sports.

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Native Americans Playing Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a sport originated by Native Americans.  I came across this interesting picture on

Also found on wikipedia…

"Ball-play of the Choctaw--ball up" by George Catlin, circa 1834-1835.