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Hofstra vs Sacred Heart in Hempstead NY (NCAA Lacrosse)

Hofstra Opened its 2012 Men’s Lacrosse Season today versus Sacred Heart.

Hofstra Sacred Heart NCAA lacrosse game 2-17-12 Opening Faceoff

Hofstra v.Sacred Heart NCAA lacrosse game 2-17-12 Opening Faceoff

Hofstra scored in the first 7 seconds of the game.   The game was close and could gone either way.  Hofstra won 11-9…

Hofstra beats Sacred Heart 11-9 in NCAA Lacrosse

It was good to get the first win under their belt.  Hofstra needs to improve if it expects to stay a Top-20 team.  They made many mistakes in the last 5 minutes and could have easily given the game away.  For the first game of the season, this is not so bad.  They simply need to learn how to close-out games.  This will come along as the season goes on…

Hofstra v. Sacred Heart in NCAA Lacrosse

Lance Yapor quietly had 4 goals.  I hadn’t even realized it until the game was over.   (G) Andrew Gvozden got stronger as the game went on tallying some great saves!

Hofstra v. Sacred Heart in NCAA Lacrosse

Faceoff man, John Antoniades got stronger and tougher as the game went on.  If you look at the boxscore and see he won 11 of 21 faceoffs, it’s not impressive. But what  is impressive, and comforting going forward, is he had probably lost  5 of the first 7 faceoffs.    So let’s say he won 10 of the final 15 faceoffs. (Of note: he won the opening faceoff of the game and tooks it down to score in the 1st 7 seconds of the game.)

Hofstra v. Sacred Heart in NCAA Lacrosse

Shout out to someone who was there:  One of the Hofstra players had a one-on-one with the Sacread Heart Goalie. It was tough angle and he “casually” faked up and down … and had a beautiful goal.   It may have been Cory Caputo.  Please let me know. Thanks.

Hofstra v. Sacred Heart in NCAA Lacrosse

Overall, nice 1st game of the year.  Next game is at Princeton.

Hofstra v. Sacred Heart in NCAA LacrosseHofstra v. Sacred Heart in NCAA Lacrosse


The Ohio State Buckeyes Lacrosse Team Wins Opener vs Detroit

Yeah — Lacrosse is back.   lacrosse is back Woody Hayes stadium

The Ohio State Buckeyes played well enough to win last night versus Detroit.  It’s early but they do need to improve if they expect to make a run for the NCAA Tournament.

Logan Schuss and  Brock Sorensen had dominant games.  Mr. Sorensen also contributed 5 ground balls. And Freshman  Jesse King had a great game and is making his presence immediately felt!  Shawn Kaplan — Keep winning those faceoffs!


The Ohio State Lacrosse Team beats Detroit in Season Opener 2012

The beauty of the lacrosse community

I was headed to take my dog for a run to the local dog run in Melville, NY.

I stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts for a coffee and ran into the parents of Nortwestern’s Beatrice Conley.  What a great couple. They had driven down from upstate NY to go to the game at SUNY Stony Brook.

The week before, I was at the Men’s Lacrosse Quarterfinals at Hofstra. I happened to sit with the parents of UNC’s Women’s Coach Jenny Levy. Boy does her mom know the sport – the men’s and women’s game.  The Cortland Women’s Lacrosse coach, Kathy Taylor,  stopped by and say hello. (Shout out to Kathy: Congratulations on being named SUNYAC Women’s Lacrosse Coach of the Year.)

The passion and enthusiasm of people involved in lax is great. It’s still a relatively small community. Whether it’s the men’s or women’s game,  there is a certain passion about  the game.

While it is great the sport is increasing its popularity and geography (Denver in  the Men’s Final Four ???!!!#$#$!!) there is still something special about the size and intimacy of the small community.

Yappin ’bout 2011 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Tournament

Final Four today!

  • I hope Adam Ghitelman plays “emotionally solid”.  He needs to be clean and not make any careless error. That does not mean he should be conservative; that’s not his game. He just needs to use his head. Take some risks but be wise.
  • Hey UVA — game plan — Go to Steele Stanwick.  Go to Steele Stanwick. Go to Steele Stanwick.
  • Denver’s Mark Mathews is a beast. No one can physically stop him 1 on 1.  They need to have the ball on his stick, have everyone slide, and then find the open man.  He’s a beast.
  • The Denver kids are in good shape. Altitude factor?
  • Maryland seems like a team of destiny. I would not bet against them.
  • I’m still wishing Hofstra was still in it.
  • Duke has 6 All-Americans? That’s hard to bet against. Justin Turri, Zach HowellTom MontelliCJ CostabileJordan WolfRobert Rotanz
  •  Now wait a minute. Maryland has 8 All-Americans?  Brian Farrell ,Brett Schmidt, , Ryan YoungJoe CummingsGrant CatalinoJohn HausCurtis HolmesMax Schmidt 
  • My pick? Primarily, I’m rooting for the Long Island kids.  Otherwise, I have no clue.

Hidden Ball Trick – 2011 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament

How great was the hidden ball trick by Maryland vs UNC in the tournment?  Didn’t we run that play in 3rd grade?

2011 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament – via ESPN3

2011 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament in Foxboro - Duke. Notre Dame. Syracuse. Maryland.

I couldn’t get up to Foxboro but the ESPN3 coverage was good. It’s not the same as being there but it was still fun.

Great games today – Syracuse. Maryland. Duke. Notre Dame.

The Syracuse Maryland game was great.  OT win by Maryland. They have the momentum and will be hard to beat next week.

Duke beats ND and is in the Final 4 again?  In Lacrosse?  Duke seems to have a better lacrosse program than basketball! ;>)


  • John Galloway (Syracuse) played great and showed he is the top of his craft.
  • Rumor has it Warrior will be coming out with a helmet that has a ponytail hooked on the back!
  • Love the shoes.
  • Curtis Holmes (Maryland) did a great job on faceoffs.
  • Dan Wigrizer (Duke) came back strong and lead the defense in a solid effort.

Next week is going to be great!

2011 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament in Foxboro – Duke. Notre Dame. Syracuse. Maryland.2011 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament in Foxboro – Duke. Notre Dame. Syracuse. Maryland.

2011 NCAA Mens Lacrosse – A great day at Hofstra University

2011 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Hofstra Denver Johns Hopkins Virginia Cornell

– 2011 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Tournament – Pictures –

What a great day of Lacrosse on May 2, 2011 @ Hofstra University.

University of Denver.  Johns Hopkins. University of Virginia. Cornell

Beautiful weather.  Exciting games.  What’s better than that?


  • Steele Stanwick (UVA)was dominant and played a great game.
  • Adam Ghitelman (UVA), after a shaky start, played a fantastic game. You could see his confident grow as the game went on.  Loved his long run up the field near the end of the game.
  • Rob Pannell (Cornell) helped keep the game close.  Smithtown’s boy showed why he is receiving the accolades!
  • Max Feely (Cornell) is a play-maker.  This kid is impressive.
  • Mark Matthews  (Denver) is a Beast!  Physical. Skilled. One of the John Hopkins kids went to check him and the Johns Hopkins kid went down and broke his own stick! Wild.
  • Kyle Wharton (Johns Hopkins) continued to show he’s the real deal.

Lacrosse is a great spectator sport.  Combine the best attributes of football, soccer, basketball, and hockey… and that’s Lacrosse!

Oh yeah — The scores? UVA beat Cornell 13-9  . Denver beat Johns Hopkins 14-9. 

2011 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Hofstra Denver Johns Hopkins Virginia Cornell

2011 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Hofstra Denver Johns Hopkins Virginia Cornell2011 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Hofstra Denver Johns Hopkins Virginia Cornell