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Hidden Ball Trick – 2011 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament

How great was the hidden ball trick by Maryland vs UNC in the tournment?  Didn’t we run that play in 3rd grade?


New Lacrosse Movie! Crooked Arrows – The Next Mighty Ducks?

Very cool.  Lacrosse will get exposure on the big screen.

lacrosse movie crooked arrow reebok

According to an article in Ad Age, a sports film based upon the world of lacrosse is going into production.   It’s an independent movie sponsored by Reebok to promote their 9k lacrosse line of equipment and apparel.

“Crooked Arrows” will be the first movie focused solely on lacrosse.  Lacrosse has somewhat been a niche sport.  Not as popular as baseball, basketball, football, and soccer, the movie may be the opportunity to greatly continue to expand the sport’s popularity.  (Please see previous post The Rise Of Lacrosse Named one of ESPN’s stories of the decade.)

The movie also touches on the Native American culture and roots in the game.

This could be great for lacrosse. Will “Crooked Arrows” do for lacrosse what “The Mighty Ducks” did for hockey? We’ll see…

We know this is huge for the lacrosse community, and could bring in a whole new fan base,”  said Chad Whitman, head of Reebok’s lacrosse division.

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Good Luck to Matt Kerwick and the University of Jacksonville’s Mens Lacrosse Program

Coach Matt Kerwick is putting together the Men’s Lacrosse Team at the University of Jacksonville.  We wish him the best of luck developing the program.

He has been successful recruiting some players from here  on Long Island (Robert Moore (A) – West Islip High School, West Islip, N.Y, and Kyle Rebman (A) – Baldwin High School, Baldwin, N.Y.) and All-American Peter Deluca (Goalie) – Penn Manor High School, Philadelphia, Pa.

JU starts this year (February 6, 2010) against UNC.

Go for it Coach.  Here is his recruiting video.

If you are looking to play D1 Lax, it’s worth taking a look. You can help build a winner.

Lacrosse – Let’s start this off with a great hit!

Let’s not waste any time. Here we go with the greatest sport on earth!