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Hofstra vs Delaware Lacrosse Photos

3/15/14 – Hempstead NY – Hofstra won 11-9



Knowing the game is in-hand…
Hofstra killing the clock


Crooked Arrow Trailer (Lacrosse Movie)

Regardless of whether the itself movie is good or bad — A lacrosse movie is good for the sport

The Ohio State Buckeyes Lacrosse Team Wins Opener vs Detroit

Yeah — Lacrosse is back.   lacrosse is back Woody Hayes stadium

The Ohio State Buckeyes played well enough to win last night versus Detroit.  It’s early but they do need to improve if they expect to make a run for the NCAA Tournament.

Logan Schuss and  Brock Sorensen had dominant games.  Mr. Sorensen also contributed 5 ground balls. And Freshman  Jesse King had a great game and is making his presence immediately felt!  Shawn Kaplan — Keep winning those faceoffs!


The Ohio State Lacrosse Team beats Detroit in Season Opener 2012

How great is that… (lacrosse, baseball)

I have no association with this company.  I just thought it was a great shirt…


Hidden Ball Trick – 2011 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament

How great was the hidden ball trick by Maryland vs UNC in the tournment?  Didn’t we run that play in 3rd grade?

2011 NCAA Mens Lacrosse – A great day at Hofstra University

2011 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Hofstra Denver Johns Hopkins Virginia Cornell

– 2011 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Tournament – Pictures –

What a great day of Lacrosse on May 2, 2011 @ Hofstra University.

University of Denver.  Johns Hopkins. University of Virginia. Cornell

Beautiful weather.  Exciting games.  What’s better than that?


  • Steele Stanwick (UVA)was dominant and played a great game.
  • Adam Ghitelman (UVA), after a shaky start, played a fantastic game. You could see his confident grow as the game went on.  Loved his long run up the field near the end of the game.
  • Rob Pannell (Cornell) helped keep the game close.  Smithtown’s boy showed why he is receiving the accolades!
  • Max Feely (Cornell) is a play-maker.  This kid is impressive.
  • Mark Matthews  (Denver) is a Beast!  Physical. Skilled. One of the John Hopkins kids went to check him and the Johns Hopkins kid went down and broke his own stick! Wild.
  • Kyle Wharton (Johns Hopkins) continued to show he’s the real deal.

Lacrosse is a great spectator sport.  Combine the best attributes of football, soccer, basketball, and hockey… and that’s Lacrosse!

Oh yeah — The scores? UVA beat Cornell 13-9  . Denver beat Johns Hopkins 14-9. 

2011 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Hofstra Denver Johns Hopkins Virginia Cornell

2011 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Hofstra Denver Johns Hopkins Virginia Cornell2011 NCAA Mens Lacrosse Hofstra Denver Johns Hopkins Virginia Cornell

Lacrosse Player considered best athlete of all-time

After implementing my quick-and-dirty survey, that indeed found that lacrosse players are the best athletes,  I started wondering who was the greatest athlete of all time.  Was it a lacrosse player? (Quick-and-dirty results and information are in previous posted called “Survey says…“)

Jim Brown: The Greatest Athlete of All Time

Long Island’s Jim Brown is often considered the greatest football player *and* the greatest lacrosse player of all time.  Jim Brown Best Lacrosse Player


  • 9-time NFL All-Pro (out of 9 seasons played)
  • Upon his retirement he held virtually every NFL offensive record including  12,312 rushing yards, 126 touchdowns and an average of 5.2 yards per carry.
  • The only NFL player to average greater than 100 rushing yards per game.
  • Member of the College Football Hall Of Fame
  • Member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • Member of the Lacrosse Hall of Fame
  • At Syracuse (lacrosse) he scored 30 goals as a junior and followed that with 43 goals and 21 assists as a senior midfielder
  • First-team All-America Lacrosse midfielder.

What about Bo Jackson?  Bo was a great athlete making all star teams in professional baseball and football but was never inducted into a professional sports Hall of Fame.

And Jim Thorpe? Prior to 1950, Jim Thorpe was undoubtedly the greatest athlete of his time. He is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame, The Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Track & Field Hall of Fame. He has also won Olympic Gold Medals.

Let’s give Jim Brown the nod as the best athlete of all-time. Hejim brown best football player physically dominated his sports. He is often acknowledged as the best athlete in 2 sports.  While Bo Jackson and Jim Thorpe were great athletes, neither is, nor was, considered the best in their respective sports.

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