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Native Americans Playing Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a sport originated by Native Americans.  I came across this interesting picture on

Also found on wikipedia…

"Ball-play of the Choctaw--ball up" by George Catlin, circa 1834-1835.


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I know the history of Lacrosse as it was borne as a contest of Native American Heritage – I also remember, I think it was about two or three years ago, when SYRACUSE or another New York Power had SEVERAL players of Native American Descent, including one who came to school DIRECTLY from living on a protected RESERVATION and having used the Original Equipment & Rules playing the game UNTIL stepping onto Syracuse’s practice field, the Carrier Dome, & its major D1 campus.

I was wondering, are there any players at elite programs who are, please excuse the term if it offends. either directly off of an Native American Reservation OR the direct descendant of an Indian tribe. I LOVE watching these young men play, partiularly when they are coming from the poverty-stricken RESERVATIONS that make some INNER CITY neighborhoods look like a plethora full of opportunies by comparison, and without the scholarship many of these young Native Americans HAVE NO OTHER AVENUE TO COLLEGE were it not for their lacrosse prowess. If there are any Native American stars or even roll players at any of the elite programs this year, can you please name some of the players to watch, as well as where they are from, and what programs they play for?

Thank you kindly,

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